Fun and inspiring needle felting workshops for the Crafty Gal or Guy in YOU!  Suitable for beginners and needle felting addicts alike, learn in a friendly environment in small groups or one to one.

Woodland Creatures Workshop 

Mon 5th Nov – Bonds Lifestyle

Thur 8th Nov – Crafty Gal HQ

Mon 19th Nov – Bonds Lifestyle

Thur 22nd Nov – *Farthing Gallery Kenilworth

Mon 14th Jan – Bonds Lifestyle

Mon 28th Jan – Bonds Lifestyle

Mon 11th Feb – Bonds Lifestyle

Mon 25th Feb – Bonds Lifestyle

Mon 4th Mar – Bonds Lifestyle

Mon 8th Mar – Bonds Lifestyle

NEW Christmas Robin Workshop

Frid 30th Nov – Crafty Gal HQ

    Mon 3rd Dec – Bonds Lifestyle

Sat 8th Dec – Crafty Gal HQ

Mon 10th Dec – Bonds Lifestyle


NEW Needle Felt Your Dog Workshop

Sat 19th Jan – Crafty Gal HQ

Thur 24th Jan – Crafty Gal HQ

Sat 16th Feb- Crafty Gal HQ

Wed 20th Feb – Crafty Gal HQ

Thur 7th Mar – Crafty Gal HQ

Frid 29th Mar – Crafty Gal HQ

“A wonderful way to learn new skills, make new friends, relax and leave feeling a great sense of achievement, with many many felting project ideas in my head.”

Workshop dates below, or just email Denise to find out more about this joyous, addictive craft, and how you can get started with your very own fantastic woolly creations!